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Shortly after you subscribe you will receive your report via email. If for any reason you don’t receive your report after subscribing, making payment or if you have any questions, please email us at

The Report is sent out as a PDF file.  To view it, you must have Adobe Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader you can download it free at

Organizations (Unions or Film Schools) wishing to purchase report for multiple users contact us via email for licensing fee’s.

All subscriptions are through Paypal, we have found this to be the easiest and most secure way of making payments. Please keep in mind that 1 month subscriptions are recurring payments. In other words your Paypal account will be debited again the following month on the date you started your subscription the previous month.

If you do not wish to continue subscribing you must log into your Paypal account and cancel your automatic recurring payments. You can do this at anytime. 

6 month and yearly subscriptions are one time billing.


$55.00 1 month (4 Weekly Issues)
1 month subscriptions are recurring payments
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$ 245.00 for 6 months – One Time Billing
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$430.00 ( Weekly Service for 1 Year) -= One Time Billing
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SUBSCRIPTIONS w/ Email Data Base Builder EMAIL DATABASE BUILDER is a data add-on to your paid subscription. Each week with your report your will receive via email, an Excel file containing THE MERCURY PRODUCTION REPORT’S week’s Production Company Names and Email Addresses, that you can import into your Email Address Book or use as an Excel file to add to and build your own email contact database to help you track.

$65.00 1 month w/Email service
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$300.00 – 6 Month Subscription W/Email DB Builder
( Weekly Service for 6 Months) One Time Billing
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$550.00 1 Year Subscription W/Email DB Builder
( Weekly Service for 1 Year ) One Time Billing
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Past Issues
Issues will be sent to you via Email within a few hours of purchase.

Package #1
January, February, March, April – 2019
16 Issues.. 49.99
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Package #2
May, January, July, August – 2019
16 Issues..49.99
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THIS IS A GOLDMINE…Whether your looking for work or need to market your services, don’t waste time.These lists are filled with directors, and producer’s personal email addresses, not to mention thousands of production companies that actually make Films and TV shows. This list was manually intensive to compile and took years to complete, each address was captured one at a time for the report.Many of these email addresses can not be found anywhere.Updated to the last minute and we check for Undeliverable/Bounce emails to give you the cleanest list possible.List will be send to you within a few hours of Purchase.

$249.99 – 3500 EMAILS
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$499.00 – 5000 EMAILS
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The easiest way to resolve any issues is to contact us first. We get few disputes and feel the disputes are made because the subscriber failed to cancel his/her subscription and cancelled after an automatic payment, then wanted their money back. If you order the report and later make a dispute claim against us, we defend against disputes and it will take PayPal up to three months to return your money even if you win. Contact us first, before making any dispute claims.