How to Use

Helpful tips for using The Mercury Production Report

The main idea is to get your resume or brochure to the production office ( the projects home base) and the person who is doing the hiring (or as close to that person as possible). Usually this person is the Production Manager/Coordinator or Unit Production Manager or it can be the person who is the head of the department you work under. Getting to these people can be done a few different ways which are listed below.

Keep in mind there is no exact science in this and production companies all work in different ways. Sometimes the person hiring works at the PC (Production Company) and sometimes they may only be at the PO (Production Office). The following are tips that can help you achieve contacting them.

Calling a project’s production company
If a production office (PO) is not listed, you may want to call the production company (PC). When calling them, ask for the production office of the particular project listed. If there isn’t one you should politely ask who would be in charge of hiring and how you could send them your resume or brochure.

If we have not listed the Production Office it may be because it has not open yet. Shows in development may be months away from opening their PO. In preproduction they usually have the PO open but not always.

Also, you may want to say you heard about the project from a friend, some companies don’t like being listed by a service. Our feeling is its public information, so we list them. If there is a website listed, look at it. Most times there is more contact info and more jobs listed there. You may also want to ask for the particular department head in your field (if they are hired yet)

In most cases we provide emails for the Production Companies involved. Sending inquires to them are easier than ever as our report features email hotlinks. Just click, ad short message, resume and send.

We also recommend mailing, this we know is more expensive and time consuming but it gets better results than anything else. Address it to Production Manager/Coordinator or Unit Production Manager or your particular department head. Follow it by faxing your resume with cover letter. Note at the top of page what position you are submitting for.

Please no 5 page resumes.

Send to all projects that you are interested in. If you do not get a call from that project, remember that position might be filled, but they may call you for the next one. This happens quite a bit. Always watch for updates in the listings. If the start date has been pushed back, they may need to rehire crew members lost on previous commitments.

Keep Notes
Always make a note on the Report of who you talked to and when they told you to call back. Write it on the Report or on a calendar, most times it takes a few follow up calls to land an interview or job..

Don’t get discouraged when calling a project
You may get an unhelpful person that tells you no jobs available, but a few days later you may call and get a totally different person who is more helpful.

N/A means that the information was not available to us at the time we compiled the listing. Because some of our listings may be in very early preproduction. Sometimes we can not get all the information to complete a listing. However you can always call the production company and make inquiries.

To successfully use the report please keep in mind the following

  • The success you have with the Report depends on how well you work the leads we give you
  • You can not expect to get a job by just making a few calls, this may sound discouraging but remember, there is very good money to be made in the industry
  • The money you spent on an issue will seem like a small price to have paid